Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Apple Retail Stores: FREE Apple Kids Camp for Ages 8-12 (Make Reservations Now)

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Apple stores are once again hosting Apple Camp for kids ages 8-12 throughout this summer! This FREE camp lasts 1 1/2 hours per day on 3 separate days and is available at Apple Retail Stores throughout the country.
Space is limited and workshops fill up quickly so head on over here and sign your kids up now – just select your state and store and you will then be able to select the week you would like to sign up for (each child is limited to no more than one Apple Camp workshop). Note that a parent must stay with your child(ren) during Apple Camp.
Check out these previous reader comments:
I have done them the last two years. The movie one is really neat. They learn how to make a movie including a soundtrack with Garage Band. OR they write an electronic book including illustrations. Plus a free shirt and a USB stick to save their work one

Thank you! I signed up for these the last two years and love these classes! I was able to sign up my boys for the robotic one which is meet this year! Thank you Thank you!!

We did the movie one last year and were looking forward to the coding camp this year. Last year, they had openings the day the classes started, and still had less than full classes. I think many sign up, make other plans, and fail to cancel, denying kids that wanted to go the chance. I truly wish they would charge a nominal fee to avoid this – I’d gladly pay for the tee, USB stick and earbuds, just for the chance my daughter could attend.

Thanks for the heads up! My kids have enjoyed doing this for the past two summers. They took the story one the first year, and the movie one last year. They weren’t given a ton of information … They were taught how to do something for about 15 minutes and then they are given the rest of the time to create something using that information, but I thought it was worth it. They got a free (nice!) T-shirt and an Apple thumb drive that was also pretty cool.

My daughter did this last year. She absolutely loved it!!! It’s amazing what the kids (and parents) can learn and produce within that little bit of time. Highly recommend the camp! We’re going back again 👍🏻👍🏻

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